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Bay To Breakers Assault Victim Dies

Stephen Martin Killed Bay to BreakersStephen Martin, a 30 year old man from Santa Clara, died while hospitalized in the San Francisco General Hospital on June 8th, following an incident on the May 20th Bay to Breakers run. According to police, Martin took part in the event without registering, though his friends informed police that he was taking part in the activities after the race.

Around 5:00p.m. in Sharon Meadows in the Golden Gate Park, Martin's group clashed with around a dozen other people dressed in white and red 49er's outfits. Police suggest that the group fight may have been over a cell phone, or possibly something gang-related, though it was made clear that Martin had no gang connections.

At the time, Martin was wearing green camo shorts, no shirt, and a green wig. During the attack, one of the men wearing the 49er's outfits approached and struck Martin in the side of the head, causing him to fall over and hit his head on the pavement. The trauma sent him into a coma, which turned out to be fatal.

Police are requesting information, names, or photographs directly relating to the event. Contact the San Francisco homicide inspectors at 415-553-1145, or 415-575-4444 for the anonymous tip line.

(Source: NBC)

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