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Two Cases Involving Three Deaths in Pleasanton in May Still Unresolved

Police are hoping for useful information regarding two May death cases, both of which occurred in Pleasanton.

The May 7th incident in which Amy Freeman Burton (age 37) and Ainsley Freeman (age 13) were both shot in the head in their home on the Stacey Court 3200 block is to turn up forensic evidence soon. The autopsy revealed little more than the fact that Ainsley Freeman did not shoot herself, and that it is "unclear" as to whether or not Amy Freeman Burton's wound was self-inflicted.

While two unregistered pistols were found inside the home of the victims, police are withholding information on the type of pistol involved. One of the aforementioned pistols, however, was located within the general vicinity of the two dead.

The May 27th death involving a woman concealed in a trash can has gained a plethora of leads, but none have led anywhere. The department has been searching through missing persons cases, but to no avail.
The autopsy could not reveal the exact time/cause of death, though several pieces of visual and physical information were confirmed. The victim, seemingly 20-40 years old, was 5'6" and weight approximately 130lbs. She was found wearing an Old Navy shirt and pajama pants.

She had shoulder length dark hair, and is believed to be Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian with Asian traits, or Native American. Further, she was wearing blue fingernail polish, red toenail polish, and had three piercing in each ear. Police hope that her earrings will aid in her identification.

Victim's EarringsBody Found in Trash Can in Pleasanton

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