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Cane Sword Road Rage in Pleasanton

Cane SwordWhat began as a typical case of highway road rage ended in the arrest of a Pleasanton man for felony assault with a deadly weapon. The weapon used in this incident was a cane sword.

Samuel James, Cangiamilla, 61, was arrested for the felony assault around 4:50p.m. on January 25th at his home in the 400 block of Del Sol Avenue.

The male victim, name undisclosed, was driving a Volkswagen Jetta traveling eastbound on I-580, center lane, when Cangiamilla began to pass him in the fast lane in his Jeep. The victim moved into the passing lane ahead of Cangiamilla's Jeep, which moved to the right to avoid traffic ahead. After that, the Jeep moved in front of the victim, keeping in front of him by swerving in between lanes.

The victim then tailgated the Jeep for several miles with the intent of taking down its license plate. Upon reaching a red light at the Main Street and Old Stanley Boulevard intersection, the victim got out of the car to approach Cangiamilla, who exited his Jeep and drew a sword from a cane scabbard.

The victim then ran back to his car and locked the doors while the assailant brandished his sword, yelling and aggravated. At one point, Cangiamilla began kicking the victim's car doo, and allegedly slammed the tip of his sword into the victim's door.

Cangiamilla then returned to his Jeep and tirned into the Main and Stanley parking lot. The victim followed him, recording the license plate. Cangiamilla again exited his Jeep and began battering the door, trying to open it. The victim then called 911 and read off the license plate as he drove away. The assailant drove away, and the victim followed him once again, stopping only after the Jeep made a U-turn.

An officer was sent to Cangiamilla's home, where he was arrested without incident. The cane sword was located and seized.

(Source: Pleasanton Weekly)

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