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Abusive Landlord Arrested in San Francisco

Norman SabelA San Francisco landlord accused of abusing his tenants made his first court appearance on Friday after assaulting an officer who was responding to a 911 call.

Norman Sabel, also known as the slumlord "Mayor of Fulton," has been the center of many a complaint to the police regarding suspicious people, noise, and drugs. This abusive landlord owns an apartment building on Fulton Street near Golden Gate Park. Now that he's facing felony charges for breaking the knee of a police officer called to the scene by Nikko Bravo, another abused tenant, video evidence of his aggressive and violent behavior is surfacing rapidly.

The incident resulting in Sabel's arrest was also recorded. Nikko Bravo had been having problems with his plumbing, and requested a certified plumber to repair the damage, but Sabel insisted that he could do it himself. After being cussed out by his landlord nad having his door kicked down, Bravo called the police, who arrived on the scene to find Sabel working on the plumbing with a knife. As they attempted to subdue him, one of the officers suffered a broken knee and had to be hospitalized. The prosecution's motion for a stay away order was granted, and now Sabel must keep at least 150 yards away from Bravo, who moved out of the complex on June the 26th, at all times.

In several other videos, Sabel is seen behaving the same way he does in the video of his arrest. In one video, Sabel shouts at a tenant for being in an area that he wanted to hose down, and then punches him after he refuses to leave. Defense attorney Hugo Torbet said that the tenant was trying to provoke Sabel by intentionally getting in his way.

In another, he assaults a tenant who asks to turn the heat up. Over the years, the complaints and lawsuits have piled up, and the 24-unit complex has acquired such infamy that it is barely half-full. Some wondered how many incidents it would take to have this abusive landlord arrested.

Sabel was out of custody on $62,000 bail, and was arraigned Friday, June 28th.

(Source: ABC)

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