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San Francisco Woman is the Victim of a Random Assault

Early evening on Saturday, August 20th, a woman in her 50s was brutally assaulted in broad daylight while walking in San Francisco’s Lafayette Park. She suffered a broken nose and other non-life threatening injuries that will require hospitalization and surgery.

The suspect, a man in his 40s-50s appeared to attack the woman without cause. Surveillance videos revealed that while she was walking through Lafayette Park, the 2000 block of the Pacific Heights neighborhood, the man jogged up to her from behind and grabbed her arm, then began punching her in the face without provocation. When she fell to the ground, he continued to punch her until she was no longer responsive. Afterwards, the attacker fled on foot, heading east on Washington Street before turning south on Gough Street. It is unknown where he went beyond that point. It does not appear that he stole anything off of the victim during or following the attack, suggesting the possibility that his victim was randomly selected.

Spokeswoman for the San Francisco Police Department, Giselle Talkoff, stated that “It happened really quickly. She was merely out for a walk and a stranger came up and just attacked.” She went on to say that the suspect might have asked the woman to apologize for something before striking her, despite being a complete stranger with no previous interaction. According to Talkoff, it’s possible the suspect was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during the assault. The victim, whose name will not be released, did not attempt to speak with him. Her nose was broken in several places as a result, and she will require surgery.

The attack occurred on Saturday, August 20th, at 7:45 p.m., and remains under police investigation as of Wednesday the 24th. San Francisco Police are asking anyone with information regarding the identity of the attacker to come forward. San Francisco Police may be contacted at (415) 575-4444.


Two San Francisco Men Arrested in Series of Crimes in Bayview


San Francisco has been experiencing a series of crimes in its Bayview neighborhood this past week. Two men have now been arrested in connection with these crimes, including the theft of a cell phone that occurred, according to the police, while the victim was distracted playing the game “Pokémon Go.”

Police booked Manu Pomele, 19 and Jonathan Limu, 20, both residents of San Francisco, on suspicion of robbery, attempted carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, other firearms-related charges, and conspiracy.

According to authorities, the two men were linked to a number of incidents that occurred on Sunday and Monday.

At approximately 8 p.m. Sunday evening, a teenage boy was robbed of a cell phone belonging to both he and his sister on Burrows Street. The 16-year-old was playing “Pokémon Go” when suddenly one of the two suspects grabbed the phone, fleeing to a waiting silver car with the other suspect driving as the getaway car took off. The victim reported no injuries.

On Monday, authorities claim the two men were involved in two more robberies that occurred from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. According to authorities, they first struck at Dakota and 23rd streets at about 1:10 a.m. demanding a 19-year-old hand over his money.

When they didn’t find any money on him after going through his pockets, they punched him several times on the head and made off with his personal belongings, including his roller blades. The victim’s injuries were non-life-threatening, police said.

While police were taking the robbery report on 23rd Street, they actually heard gunshots in the neighborhood. They watched a silver Pontiac driving by and stopped it at Tennessee and 20th streets, thinking the occupants were the ones firing the shots, according to police.

Investigators later determined that passengers in the Pontiac were the ones being targeted by the gunfire and connected this incident to Pomele and Limu.

At Mariposa and Vermont Streets, the two men approached a 58-year-old man while he was sitting in his car at about 4 a.m. and robbed him of his wallet. They then ordered him to turn over the car, but he sped away.

At about 7:45 a.m. Pomele was arrested at Madera and Wisconsin streets after officers conducted a well-being check. He was found with several rounds of ammunition in his pocket when he was arrested, authorities said. Limu was later arrested at about 11 a.m. outside the Hall of Justice, police said. He was being held on $325,000 bail at San Francisco County jail. Pomele was being confined without bail.


Mother of 3 kids killed in Pa. carjacking dies – Yahoo News

Philadelphia Carjacking

Perps face an additional murder charge each, totaling four counts of second-degree murder and conspiracy, as well as kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault and sexual assault.

Cornelius Crawford, 23, and Johnathan Rosa, 19

Mother of 3 kids killed in Pa. carjacking dies - Yahoo News.


Abusive Landlord Arrested in San Francisco

Norman SabelA San Francisco landlord accused of abusing his tenants made his first court appearance on Friday after assaulting an officer who was responding to a 911 call.

Norman Sabel, also known as the slumlord "Mayor of Fulton," has been the center of many a complaint to the police regarding suspicious people, noise, and drugs. This abusive landlord owns an apartment building on Fulton Street near Golden Gate Park. Now that he's facing felony charges for breaking the knee of a police officer called to the scene by Nikko Bravo, another abused tenant, video evidence of his aggressive and violent behavior is surfacing rapidly.

The incident resulting in Sabel's arrest was also recorded. Nikko Bravo had been having problems with his plumbing, and requested a certified plumber to repair the damage, but Sabel insisted that he could do it himself. After being cussed out by his landlord nad having his door kicked down, Bravo called the police, who arrived on the scene to find Sabel working on the plumbing with a knife. As they attempted to subdue him, one of the officers suffered a broken knee and had to be hospitalized. The prosecution's motion for a stay away order was granted, and now Sabel must keep at least 150 yards away from Bravo, who moved out of the complex on June the 26th, at all times.

In several other videos, Sabel is seen behaving the same way he does in the video of his arrest. In one video, Sabel shouts at a tenant for being in an area that he wanted to hose down, and then punches him after he refuses to leave. Defense attorney Hugo Torbet said that the tenant was trying to provoke Sabel by intentionally getting in his way.

In another, he assaults a tenant who asks to turn the heat up. Over the years, the complaints and lawsuits have piled up, and the 24-unit complex has acquired such infamy that it is barely half-full. Some wondered how many incidents it would take to have this abusive landlord arrested.

Sabel was out of custody on $62,000 bail, and was arraigned Friday, June 28th.

(Source: ABC)


Cane Sword Road Rage in Pleasanton

Cane SwordWhat began as a typical case of highway road rage ended in the arrest of a Pleasanton man for felony assault with a deadly weapon. The weapon used in this incident was a cane sword.

Samuel James, Cangiamilla, 61, was arrested for the felony assault around 4:50p.m. on January 25th at his home in the 400 block of Del Sol Avenue.

The male victim, name undisclosed, was driving a Volkswagen Jetta traveling eastbound on I-580, center lane, when Cangiamilla began to pass him in the fast lane in his Jeep. The victim moved into the passing lane ahead of Cangiamilla's Jeep, which moved to the right to avoid traffic ahead. After that, the Jeep moved in front of the victim, keeping in front of him by swerving in between lanes.

The victim then tailgated the Jeep for several miles with the intent of taking down its license plate. Upon reaching a red light at the Main Street and Old Stanley Boulevard intersection, the victim got out of the car to approach Cangiamilla, who exited his Jeep and drew a sword from a cane scabbard.

The victim then ran back to his car and locked the doors while the assailant brandished his sword, yelling and aggravated. At one point, Cangiamilla began kicking the victim's car doo, and allegedly slammed the tip of his sword into the victim's door.

Cangiamilla then returned to his Jeep and tirned into the Main and Stanley parking lot. The victim followed him, recording the license plate. Cangiamilla again exited his Jeep and began battering the door, trying to open it. The victim then called 911 and read off the license plate as he drove away. The assailant drove away, and the victim followed him once again, stopping only after the Jeep made a U-turn.

An officer was sent to Cangiamilla's home, where he was arrested without incident. The cane sword was located and seized.

(Source: Pleasanton Weekly)


Jovan Jones Robbery, Assault and Rape in San Francisco Telegraph Hill

Jovan Jones
Jovan Jones Robbery, Assault and Rape

At 8:00p.m. on Saturday, a 26 year old woman in Telegraph hill was returning home and talking on her cell phone when she noticed she was being followed.

Upon trying to enter her residence, 25 year old Jovan Jones of Marin City forced his way in at knifepoint and ordered his victim to the floor. He then demanded money and valuables, and allegedly sexually assaulted her with an undisclosed object.

During the assault, the person the victim was on the phone with called the police. Jones attempted to force her to pretend everything was fine when police arrived at the scene, but she instead rushed onto the balcony and shouted for help. This act likely spared her from further aggressive action by the perpetrator.

In response, Jones grabbed her backpack and leaped off the balcony, fleeing to a nearby residential district and hiding behind trash cans next to a Green Street home. Police set up a perimeter and captured him around 9:20p.m with the aid of a California Highway Patrol helicopter equipped with a thermal imaging device. He was found wearing the backpack he had stolen from the victim.

Jones now faces multiple serious charges, including making threats, burglary, robbery, rape, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and sexual penetration with a foreign object. If convicted, he will face multiple life terms in prison.
(Sources: KTVU, SF Examiner)


Brother of Yahoo CEO Beats His Girlfriend

Mason Mayer - Woman BeaterMason Mayer (34), younger brother to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, was arrested on November 28th and charged with a trio of felonies: assault, false imprisonment, and domestic violence.

His ex-girlfriend, Kelli Ann Trent, delayed reporting these activites because he allegedly threatened to release nude pictures of her and beat her further. He claimed that he would use his family's prestige and wealth to ruin her name if she went to the police.

Trent described Mayer's history of domestic violence in court, backing her claims with post-abuse photographs taken of herself. According to her, this abuse carried on until the 24 of September, 2011, when he threatened to kill her after a beating.

Mayer allegedly ripped out her earrings, eyelashes, pulled out large clumps of hair, and slammed her head to the floor repeatedly, all while restraining and berating her. He then told her that the only way she'd leave their apartment alive was if he drove her to the Golden Gate Bridge, where he said she would jump or he would push her off.

Marissa Mayer Kelli Ann TrentA plea agreement was reached with prosecutors, and Mayer pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment and has been placed on probation for three years. This will be of use to Trent if she pursues a civil suit against Mayer in the future.

Mayer's Attorney: Martin Sabelli, graduated from Yale School of Law in 1990, and was licensed to practice law in California in 1993.

(Sources: SF Gate, Huffington Post)

Kelli Ann Trent


Japanese Diplomat on Trial for Domestic Violence

Yoshiaki NagayaYuka Nagawa, wife of San Fracisco Japanese Consulate official Yoshiaki Nagaya, called police on Tuesday regarding her husband's violent and abusive behavior. According to Nagaya, her husband had been systematically abusing her for 18 months, including punching, kicking, slapping, and even stabbing with a screwdriver. This behavior had allegedly been going on since January of 2011.

Yuka Nagaya says that she believes she would likely have been killed if she had not informed the police of her husband's actions. During the most recent attack, one which occurred on March 31st, she was pulled from a car, causing her head to strike against the concrete floor of a parking garage. This took place in their apartment in San Bruno.

Throughout her preliminary hearing, Nagaya produced pictures she had personally taken of the injuries she had sustained after each assault. She relayed precise, detailed descriptions of the abuse running back to the start in January 2011 when they lived in San Francisco.

The gravity of the beatings became apparent after she described several of the more brutal instances in court. Pertinent examples include attacks that left her with loose teeth, that left her unable to move for five hours, and that caused her to leave their residence and sit outside for hours on end before returning.

Nagaya was caught recording the testimony via a digital voice recorder, something Judge Lisa Novak noticed. She then reminded Nagaya that recording court proceedings is strictly forbidden unless permission is given. Nagaya revealed that she had recorded the first day of the hearing as well, and shared it with her attorney. Junju Suzuki stated that he did not tell his client to record any of the proceedings.

Yuka's testimony is to resume on Friday in the hearing that will decide whether Yoshiaki Nagaya faces trial on the 14 counts of domestic violence and three of assault. His plead thus far is not guilty to the accusations made.

(Sources: Inside Bay Area, Mercury News )


Gang Members Indicted in Murder of Toddler

Hiram LawrenceThree alleged Acorn gang members have been indicted by a federal grand jury for assault, weapons violations, racketeering, and murder.

Dionte Houff (32) and Houstan Nathaniel III (23) were two of the individuals connected to the attack that occurred during the filming of a rap music video.

They have been accused of firing upon a crowd of people in west Oakland, November the 28th. A toddler, Hiram Lawrence, was shot in the head and taken off life support in December.

Hiram's alleged assailant, 16 year old Frederick Coleman, is being charged as an adult in Alameda County.

Six people, including the toddler's father, were injured in the shooting.

(Source: Sacramento Bee)


Unprovoked Assault at Livermore Taco Bell

Denzel Green and Jose SerranoAround 1:00p.m. on Sunday, June 24, at the Taco Bell in Livermore (address 985 E. Stanley Blvd.), Denzel Green (21) and Jose Serrano (20) assaulted a victim whose name has yet to be released.

Witness accounts suggest that the attack was unprovoked, and that during the assault, Green began striking the victim with a chair. After accidentally striking Serrano in the head, they both fled the scene.

Police tailed them back to their residence, an apartment at 975 Murrieta Blvd., where the suspects were detained. Two additional arrests were made at the site.

Andrew and Michael Bartow were supposedly using several bedrooms to cultivate and store large amounts of marijuana. Also found were several firearms, cannabis documents obtained through fraud, methamphetamine, and materials pointing to oxycontin and heroin usage. As such, they were arrested for firearms and drug violations.

Green and Serrano were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and incarcerated into Santa Rita Jail.

The victim in the Taco Bell assault's injuries were minor enough that hospitalization was not required.

(Souce: Pleasanton Weekly)