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Bay To Breakers Assault Victim Dies

Stephen Martin Killed Bay to BreakersStephen Martin, a 30 year old man from Santa Clara, died while hospitalized in the San Francisco General Hospital on June 8th, following an incident on the May 20th Bay to Breakers run. According to police, Martin took part in the event without registering, though his friends informed police that he was taking part in the activities after the race.

Around 5:00p.m. in Sharon Meadows in the Golden Gate Park, Martin's group clashed with around a dozen other people dressed in white and red 49er's outfits. Police suggest that the group fight may have been over a cell phone, or possibly something gang-related, though it was made clear that Martin had no gang connections.

At the time, Martin was wearing green camo shorts, no shirt, and a green wig. During the attack, one of the men wearing the 49er's outfits approached and struck Martin in the side of the head, causing him to fall over and hit his head on the pavement. The trauma sent him into a coma, which turned out to be fatal.

Police are requesting information, names, or photographs directly relating to the event. Contact the San Francisco homicide inspectors at 415-553-1145, or 415-575-4444 for the anonymous tip line.

(Source: NBC)


Pablo Sandoval Sexual Assault

The sexual assault investigation revolving around the San Francisco Giants’ third baseman, Pablo Sandoval, began after a call to 9/11 from the Seaside Beach Resort in Aptos.

Allegedly, the 21 year old victim and Sandoval had met with a group of people in Santa Cruz, and the incident occurred after their arrival at the resort. She then filed a sexual assault complaint and alerted the authorities.

Pablo SandovalSandoval met the detectives at the Sheriff’s Department, where his lawyer, Eric Geffon, claimed that the incident was little more than a "consensual, personal relationship of a sexual nature."

Sandoval has continued to offer his full cooperation with the Sheriff’s Department throughout the course of the ongoing investigation. The Department stated Monday that it hopes to complete the prime of the investigation by the end of the week, though forensic evidence analysis will take longer than a week to complete.

As of yet, there has been no statement from the alleged victim of the Pablo Sandoval Sexual Assault.

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(Sources: LA Times, ESPN)


Japanese Diplomat Faces Domestic Violence Charges

Yoshiaki NagayaA  Japanese diplomat based in San Francisco has been charged with domestic violence/spousal abuse. He stands accused of:

  • Stabbing his 27 year old wife with a screwdriver
  • Pushing her from a moving car
  • Hitting her with a ceramic coffee mug
  • Knocking out one of her teeth
  • Stomping on her

The couple has been married for 18 months. The diplomat, Yoshiaki Nagaya, is a 32-year-old vice consul for the Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco.

Nagaya has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is NOT eligible for diplomatic immunity because of the severity of the allegations against him. He was charged in San Mateo Superior Court with 13 counts of felony battery with intent to cause bodily injury and three counts of assault.

The last attack, which left Nagaya's wife with cuts on her face and elbows, occurred on March 30 and led her to go to the police, according to investigators. She had photographed her injuries.

Nagaya, who was arrested in early May, for now fully retains his position as vice consul at the Japanese consulate, Deputy Consul General Michio Harada said.

Nagaya, who lives in  San Bruno, faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison if convicted on all charges. The judge in the case issued an order blocking Nagaya from directly seeing or contacting his wife, who remains in the United States.  He is free on bail.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)


Police Nab Parolee Suspected in Violent Crime Spree

33-year-old Paul Ray Castillo, the parolee suspect of kidnapping and murdering 60-year-old Cindy Nguyen, and then shooting a man in a gas station has been captured by San Jose police.

ray paul castillo

Castillo was arrested  in West Sacramento on Sunday night, after a three-day manhunt. He was caught in a public place at about 7:30 p.m. and is being returned to San Jose, according to a police spokesman.

Castillo was seen Friday evening in an apartment complex, leading nearly 60 officers, police dogs and helicopters to search the area and nearby neighborhood for him.

When he was spotted by officers, Castillo came at them in a threatening manner, and they fired at him. It is unclear whether or not he was hit, but he escaped the altercation on foot.

Police then spotted Nguyen's car parked at the complex where Castillo was originally seen.

Nguyen, whose body was found Saturday in a garage in the Willow Glen neighborhood, was an office manager, and hosted a Vietnamese language radio show. Authorities believe Castillo killed Nguyen after carjacking her Lexus sedan in a shopping center parking lot Friday afternoon then driving off with her to a house a few miles away.


Castillo is also suspected of shooting a 42-year-old man at a gas station. The man, whose condition and name are unknown,  is expected to survive.

(Source: Mercury News)


San Francisco Crime Out of Control

San Francisco Crime Out of Control

It's been a rough week for the citizens and police of San Francisco, and an active one for the criminals.

On Monday evening at around 6:30 p.m. a Hispanic male was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As occupants of two vehicles nearby got into a gun battle, he was hit by a stray bullet from the fight. The shoot out occurred in the Bayview, on the 1400 block of Palou Avenue.

At 9:30 that same evening on the 600 block of Webster Avenue, a 22-year-old African American male was stabbed multiple times. 6 hours later on the 400 block of Minna Street, and argument escalated to sword-play as a 39-year-old white male was sliced in the forearm.
Tuesday evening brought increased crime an violence in the city of San Francisco. Six people were robbed at gunpoint and assaulted in separate incidents across the city from the Richmond to the Bayview neighborhoods.

First, at around 7 in the evening, a 29-year-woman walking on Rose Street in Hayes Valley was robbed by two African American males in their 20s. After resisting their initial attempt to grab here purse, she was forced up against the wall and robbed at gunpoint.

At around 11 PM that same evening, another woman walking on 18th Avenue near Anza Street in the Richmond District had her cell phone stolen by two men in their late teens or early 20s. The victim was 28 years old.

Next, only a few minutes later in the Bayview, a man was robbed at gunpoint by another criminal in his early 20s while opening the gate to his home in the 1600 block of Quesada Avenue. The thief took cash and fled in a car.

Less then and hour later a 52-year-old man and 41-year-old woman who were walking in the 400 block of Pacific Avenue in the Financial District were robbed at gunpoint. The suspects were men in their 30s, and fled by car.

And that's not all. At the same time two African American men in their 20s pulled up in a van next to a 34-year-old man and asked if the he had drugs. After the victim said he did not, one man exited the van, and pistol whipped him. He then stole money from his person before escaping in the van.

None of the victims of these crimes were seriously injured, but no arrests have been made. I think I'll avoid San Francisco for a while.

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Stabbing at Walmart in Fremont

A 26 year old transient woman stabbed her boyfriend at the Walmart on Albrae Street in Fremont, California yesterday evening. The boyfriend, also a 26 year old transient, suffered wounds to his hand and shoulder. Because the assault was an act of domestic violence, names are being withheld.

The man was treated and released from Washington Hospital on Mowry Avenue. The woman was arrested at the scene as being held.
I grew up in Fremont. My daughter was born at Washington Hospital, and my grandmother died there. I moved back there for two years about 5 years ago. Boy am I glad I missed the Walmart opening, but I saw it coming and got out in time. Now transient couples are having arguments that escalate to knife play in Walmart. My hometown.

I'll follow this story in the very unlikely event it goes to court.

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Redwood City Woman Pleads Insanity in Attempted Murder of Children

39 year old Philomena Brown, who is charged with attempted murder of her husband and two children, will plead not guilty by reason of insanity, according to defense attorney Vincent O'Malley. He does not dispute the charges by prosecutors that Brown hit her 23-year-old daughter in the head with a dumbbell and then punched her 13-year-old son during an assault in their Redwood City home on the morning of Monday, June 21st 2010.

In the weeks leading up to the alleged attack, her attorney claims that Brown had a "severe mental breakdown" and discussed with both family and friends that she felt  people wanted to torture her family. He further argues that she thought she was saving her family from a worse fate that would involve severe torture and murder at the hands of "conspirators."

Insane in the membrane.
Brown entered an initial plea of not guilty to five felonies.

(Source: San Jose Mercury News)


Redwood City Woman Charged With Assaulting Her Children

49-year-old Philomena Brown appeared in San Mateo County Superior Court to face charges that she attempted to kill her two children at their Redwood City home early the morning of Monday, June 21st. Brown is charged with three counts of attempted murder, one count of felony cruelty to a child, and one count of felony inflicting a serious injury on a child. She didn't enter a a plea at her initial felony arraignment.

Officers responded to her home at  5:30 a.m. Monday and found Brown's 23-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son found injured. They were taken to Stanford Hospital, where  the daughter was found to have a skull fracture and was listed in stable condition the next day. The son, who complained of pain son, was released later the same day. The father, John Brown, was not injured.

Brown was arrested at 9 p.m. Monday after being released from the hospital where she had been placed under observation. San Mateo County sheriff’s deputies found her at a beach near Half Moon Bay that afternoon after her car was spotted in the beach's parking lot. She was booked into the San Mateo County women's jail, where she remains without bail.
Neighbors describe the Browns as a normal,  hard-working family. It seems like a lot of murderers, or attempted murderers are described as "normal" by their neighbors. So there are three possibilities that explain this:

1) It is normal to be a murderer,

2) People are completely incapable of making even a halfway accurate assessments of other people or

3) There is a fine line between "normal" person and homicidal maniac, and a little stress can quickly push anyone over the edge.

I think it is a combination of 1 and 2. What do you think?

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