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Mother of 3 kids killed in Pa. carjacking dies – Yahoo News

Philadelphia Carjacking

Perps face an additional murder charge each, totaling four counts of second-degree murder and conspiracy, as well as kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault and sexual assault.

Cornelius Crawford, 23, and Johnathan Rosa, 19

Mother of 3 kids killed in Pa. carjacking dies - Yahoo News.


Kidnapping of Ex-Girlfriend Ends in Arrest at Walmart for Parolee

Walmart Pleasanton Arrest

On December 3rd, Brent Rosard Kipp was arrest at 11:22p.m. for several misdemeanors and felonies, including the kidnapping of his girlfriend (name unreleased) and possession of illicit substances.

The 25 year old arrived at his 20 year old ex-girlfriend's South San Francisco home and persuaded her to enter his vehicle by claiming he wanted to talk about their relationship.

Once inside, Kipp revealed he had no intention of speaking about their relationship, refused her requests to be taken home, and drove onto the freeway (occurred around 11:20p.m.) and out of the city. He then made death threats to the victim, saying he would hurt and/or kill her if she tried to escape.

Supposedly, Kipp was trying to take her out of state and into Reno, Nevada. His intents have not been confirmed aside from that, but the victim was likely very lucky that he provided her with an opportunity to escape.

The kidnapping ended in an arrest at 4501 Rosewood drive, a Pleasanton Walmart. Kipp had pulled off the highway and stopped there to buy candy and use the restroom. The victim used this opportunity to hide in the restroom and contact a Walmart staff member to inform them that she was being kidnapped.

When Pleasanton police arrived on the scene, Kipp initially tried to walk away. After ignoring several orders and resisting arrest attempts, he was tackled to the ground and detained.

Because Brent Kipp was on parole, officers performed a full search of his vehicle. Marijuana, methamphetamine, and brass knuckles, along with other drug paraphanilia, were discovered, resulting in his arrest. He was booked into Santa Rita Jail and is facing several felony charges for possession, kidnapping, and death threats.

The victim was returned to her home, where she can recover from the ordeal safely and with her family.


Suspect Arrested in Sierra Lamar Disappearance

Antolin Garcia-TorresOn May 21st, 21 year old Antolin Garcia-Torres was arrested in connected with the disappearance of  Morgan Hill teenager, Sierra Lamar, age 15.

Lamar had missed the bus, on her way to school on March the 16th. Two days later, her bag was found with her clothes folded inside. DNA evidence collected from clothes, along with additional evidence collected from Garcia-Torres's red Volkswagen Jetta, linked him to her disappearance. On March 28th, Garcia-Torres was identified as a suspect and placed under 24-hour surveillance.

No physical evidence beyond DNA evidence has been discovered as of yet, specifically a murder weapon, or Sierra's body.  Garcia-Torres is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, which investigators are hoping will provide further information on the case.

(Source: LA Times)


Police Nab Parolee Suspected in Violent Crime Spree

33-year-old Paul Ray Castillo, the parolee suspect of kidnapping and murdering 60-year-old Cindy Nguyen, and then shooting a man in a gas station has been captured by San Jose police.

ray paul castillo

Castillo was arrested  in West Sacramento on Sunday night, after a three-day manhunt. He was caught in a public place at about 7:30 p.m. and is being returned to San Jose, according to a police spokesman.

Castillo was seen Friday evening in an apartment complex, leading nearly 60 officers, police dogs and helicopters to search the area and nearby neighborhood for him.

When he was spotted by officers, Castillo came at them in a threatening manner, and they fired at him. It is unclear whether or not he was hit, but he escaped the altercation on foot.

Police then spotted Nguyen's car parked at the complex where Castillo was originally seen.

Nguyen, whose body was found Saturday in a garage in the Willow Glen neighborhood, was an office manager, and hosted a Vietnamese language radio show. Authorities believe Castillo killed Nguyen after carjacking her Lexus sedan in a shopping center parking lot Friday afternoon then driving off with her to a house a few miles away.


Castillo is also suspected of shooting a 42-year-old man at a gas station. The man, whose condition and name are unknown,  is expected to survive.

(Source: Mercury News)