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Gang Member Oliver Barcenas Shot by Police

Oliver BarcenasGang Member Oliver Barcenas Shot by Police - Just after 8:00p.m. on Thursday, September 20th, San Francisco plainclothes police had a hostile encounter with two armed gang members, resulting in a shootout that injured one of the gang members.

Oliver Barcenas of Richmond, 22, and one other individual were identified by the two police officers as members of a gang. When approached, Barcenas and the other individual ran. When followed, Barcenas pulled a Tec-9 automatic pistol loaded with a 25 round clip and aimed it at the officers in a threatening manner. After failing to respond to an order to drop the weapon, he was shot twice and sent to a local hospital.

The injuries received by Barcenas in this encounter were non-lethal, and he is currently making a recovery. He faces several serious charges, including: Being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a banned assault weapon, participating in a criminal street gang, and aggravated assault on an officer of the law with an assault weapon.

According to a press report on the 25th, Barcenas was on his way to avenge the killing of Jesus Solis, 20, that took place earlier that week. Barcenas was, at the time of his arrest, on parole for the wounding of a 15-year-old bystander in a gang-related shooting.

Soon after the Thursday shooting, the Mission Police Station was mobbed with protesters that taunted police and wrote "killers" on the outside of the station in response to what was likely perceived as use of excessive force. No violent conflict has broken out because of these protests.

Supervisor David Campos of the SFPD held a meeting on the 24th to discuss the recent gun violence in the Mission area, and to help listeners understand why police fired upon and injured Barcenas. Hopefully, the release of this information will assuage the concerns of the protesters.

(Sources: SF Gate, Mercury News, UT San Diego)

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Gang Members Indicted in Murder of Toddler

Hiram LawrenceThree alleged Acorn gang members have been indicted by a federal grand jury for assault, weapons violations, racketeering, and murder.

Dionte Houff (32) and Houstan Nathaniel III (23) were two of the individuals connected to the attack that occurred during the filming of a rap music video.

They have been accused of firing upon a crowd of people in west Oakland, November the 28th. A toddler, Hiram Lawrence, was shot in the head and taken off life support in December.

Hiram's alleged assailant, 16 year old Frederick Coleman, is being charged as an adult in Alameda County.

Six people, including the toddler's father, were injured in the shooting.

(Source: Sacramento Bee)


Unprovoked Assault at Livermore Taco Bell

Denzel Green and Jose SerranoAround 1:00p.m. on Sunday, June 24, at the Taco Bell in Livermore (address 985 E. Stanley Blvd.), Denzel Green (21) and Jose Serrano (20) assaulted a victim whose name has yet to be released.

Witness accounts suggest that the attack was unprovoked, and that during the assault, Green began striking the victim with a chair. After accidentally striking Serrano in the head, they both fled the scene.

Police tailed them back to their residence, an apartment at 975 Murrieta Blvd., where the suspects were detained. Two additional arrests were made at the site.

Andrew and Michael Bartow were supposedly using several bedrooms to cultivate and store large amounts of marijuana. Also found were several firearms, cannabis documents obtained through fraud, methamphetamine, and materials pointing to oxycontin and heroin usage. As such, they were arrested for firearms and drug violations.

Green and Serrano were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and incarcerated into Santa Rita Jail.

The victim in the Taco Bell assault's injuries were minor enough that hospitalization was not required.

(Souce: Pleasanton Weekly)