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Store Clerk Who Killed Customer Found Guilty of Murder

Oakland DiscountLast Thursday in East Oakland, a corner store clerk was found guilty of second-degree murder for shooting a customer in the back of the head after the customer punched him in the face.

Adhem Abdulla, 23, had pushed the girlfriend of Willie Turner, 46, out of his Oakland Discount store after he witnessed her stealing bologna for the third time that day. Turner then approached Abdulla and allegedly punched him in the mouth. In response, Abdulla shot him in the back of the head as he was leaving the store.

Though he does not deny killing Turner, Abdulla claims that he could not recall his actions before and while shooting turner because he was furious after being struck.

His attorney claims that his rage was sparked by working in a dangerous neighborhood, and having to deal with gun violence and drug dealing regularly. Oakland Discount is located at 7645 MacArthur Blvd. This area of East Oakland is known for its frequent killings, and is located near the place where four Oakland police officers were killed in 2009. Abdulla's attorney, William DuBois, hoped that the rage argument would land his client with voluntary manslaughter and 21 years in prison.

Deputy district attorney Carrie Skolnick pointed to evidence that Abdulla had plenty of time to decide whether his actions were correct or not. He had gotten his gun out, pushed through two customers who were trying to keep him from shooting Turner, walk 25 feet from the store's entrance, and then shoot the victim in the back of the head.

Further evidence revealed that Abdulla went out of his way to make it look as though his store had been robbed. He had knocked over shelves and called 911, telling the dispatcher that he had shot a man to protect himself and his store during the robbery.

Skolnick was aiming for a first-degree murder conviction, which would mean 40 years to life for the store owner.

The jury didn't appear to accept the "crime of passion" argument, but decided on second- as opposed to first-degree murder, because the shooting wasn't planned or premeditated.


Stop! Hammer Fine

MC Hammer

The legend who paved the way to the modern rap industry, M.C. Hammer, was arrested earlier this week while stopped at the Hacienda Crossings Shopping Center. The charges? Resisting an officer, and obstructing an officer in the performance of his/her duties.

Stanley Kirk Burrell, more widely known by the famous moniker "M.C. Hammer" and known for his hits "U Can't Touch This" and "2 Legit to Quit," was sitting in his car in the shopping center at around 10:00p.m. on Thursday when he was approached by the officer.

Thus far, it is unclear what prompted the arrest, but Burrell offered his side of the story via Twitter.

According to Burrell, the officer approached his car and tapped on the window. When Burrell rolled it down, the officer asked him if he was "on parole or probation?" Burrell found the encounter comical, up until the officer drew his fun, blew his whistle, and yelled for help. Burrell concluded his recounting by saying the officer was "dangerous."

Dublin Police Services Sgt. Herb Walters, when asked to comment on Burrell's relaying of the arrest, said via email, "We patrol the area of Hacienda Crossings Shopping Center, especially at nighttime hours. That is about all I can say for now."

The Tracy resident was cited and released following the arrest.
(Source: Pleasanton Weekly)


Cane Sword Road Rage in Pleasanton

Cane SwordWhat began as a typical case of highway road rage ended in the arrest of a Pleasanton man for felony assault with a deadly weapon. The weapon used in this incident was a cane sword.

Samuel James, Cangiamilla, 61, was arrested for the felony assault around 4:50p.m. on January 25th at his home in the 400 block of Del Sol Avenue.

The male victim, name undisclosed, was driving a Volkswagen Jetta traveling eastbound on I-580, center lane, when Cangiamilla began to pass him in the fast lane in his Jeep. The victim moved into the passing lane ahead of Cangiamilla's Jeep, which moved to the right to avoid traffic ahead. After that, the Jeep moved in front of the victim, keeping in front of him by swerving in between lanes.

The victim then tailgated the Jeep for several miles with the intent of taking down its license plate. Upon reaching a red light at the Main Street and Old Stanley Boulevard intersection, the victim got out of the car to approach Cangiamilla, who exited his Jeep and drew a sword from a cane scabbard.

The victim then ran back to his car and locked the doors while the assailant brandished his sword, yelling and aggravated. At one point, Cangiamilla began kicking the victim's car doo, and allegedly slammed the tip of his sword into the victim's door.

Cangiamilla then returned to his Jeep and tirned into the Main and Stanley parking lot. The victim followed him, recording the license plate. Cangiamilla again exited his Jeep and began battering the door, trying to open it. The victim then called 911 and read off the license plate as he drove away. The assailant drove away, and the victim followed him once again, stopping only after the Jeep made a U-turn.

An officer was sent to Cangiamilla's home, where he was arrested without incident. The cane sword was located and seized.

(Source: Pleasanton Weekly)


Jovan Jones Robbery, Assault and Rape in San Francisco Telegraph Hill

Jovan Jones
Jovan Jones Robbery, Assault and Rape

At 8:00p.m. on Saturday, a 26 year old woman in Telegraph hill was returning home and talking on her cell phone when she noticed she was being followed.

Upon trying to enter her residence, 25 year old Jovan Jones of Marin City forced his way in at knifepoint and ordered his victim to the floor. He then demanded money and valuables, and allegedly sexually assaulted her with an undisclosed object.

During the assault, the person the victim was on the phone with called the police. Jones attempted to force her to pretend everything was fine when police arrived at the scene, but she instead rushed onto the balcony and shouted for help. This act likely spared her from further aggressive action by the perpetrator.

In response, Jones grabbed her backpack and leaped off the balcony, fleeing to a nearby residential district and hiding behind trash cans next to a Green Street home. Police set up a perimeter and captured him around 9:20p.m with the aid of a California Highway Patrol helicopter equipped with a thermal imaging device. He was found wearing the backpack he had stolen from the victim.

Jones now faces multiple serious charges, including making threats, burglary, robbery, rape, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and sexual penetration with a foreign object. If convicted, he will face multiple life terms in prison.
(Sources: KTVU, SF Examiner)


One L. Goh Unfit for Trial for Mass Murder at Oikos University of Oakland

Goh Crime SceneOne L. Goh of Oikos, the perpetrator of last year's seven fatality shooting at the Oakland University, was declared unfit for trial by an Alameda County court judge on Monday.

Goh will be held at a mental institution, likely the facility in Napa, until he is deemed competent to stand trial. He will return to court on January the 15th to determine which institution he will go to. His progress report will be reviewed every 90 days to monitor his progress.

Goh had originally pleaded innocent to the April 2nd Oakland University shooting after being charged with seven counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, and 10 special circumstance allegations which included committing murdering during a carjacking.

He had left the school voluntarily and demanded a refund of his tuition. The assault may have resulted from his attempt to kill one of the administrators who refused his request. The administrator was not present that day.

The victims of the shooting will be listed here: Tshering Bhutia, 38, shot in the carjacking, Doris Chibuko, 40, Sonam Choedon, 33, Grace Kim, 23, Kathleen Ping, 24, who worked at the school, Judith Seymour, 53, and Lydia Sim, 21.

During the initial stages of the shooting, One Goh approached and entered the school, drawing a .45 pistol and ordering several students against a wall. When they didn't comply, he shot and killed several of them. He also shot Dawinder Kaur, a 19 year old US Army Reservist, in the arm as he attempted to aid an injured student. As previously mentioned, Goh shot and killed Tshering Bhutia in an attempt to acquire a getaway vehicle. He was apprehended at the scene; police had been notified immediately after his intentions were made clear.

Goh's family didn't offer any assistance during the investigation. His 72 year old father Young Nam Ko was not available to comment, and his older brother Su Kwon Ko did not respond to any calls requesting his response.

(Source: NBC)


Kidnapping of Ex-Girlfriend Ends in Arrest at Walmart for Parolee

Walmart Pleasanton Arrest

On December 3rd, Brent Rosard Kipp was arrest at 11:22p.m. for several misdemeanors and felonies, including the kidnapping of his girlfriend (name unreleased) and possession of illicit substances.

The 25 year old arrived at his 20 year old ex-girlfriend's South San Francisco home and persuaded her to enter his vehicle by claiming he wanted to talk about their relationship.

Once inside, Kipp revealed he had no intention of speaking about their relationship, refused her requests to be taken home, and drove onto the freeway (occurred around 11:20p.m.) and out of the city. He then made death threats to the victim, saying he would hurt and/or kill her if she tried to escape.

Supposedly, Kipp was trying to take her out of state and into Reno, Nevada. His intents have not been confirmed aside from that, but the victim was likely very lucky that he provided her with an opportunity to escape.

The kidnapping ended in an arrest at 4501 Rosewood drive, a Pleasanton Walmart. Kipp had pulled off the highway and stopped there to buy candy and use the restroom. The victim used this opportunity to hide in the restroom and contact a Walmart staff member to inform them that she was being kidnapped.

When Pleasanton police arrived on the scene, Kipp initially tried to walk away. After ignoring several orders and resisting arrest attempts, he was tackled to the ground and detained.

Because Brent Kipp was on parole, officers performed a full search of his vehicle. Marijuana, methamphetamine, and brass knuckles, along with other drug paraphanilia, were discovered, resulting in his arrest. He was booked into Santa Rita Jail and is facing several felony charges for possession, kidnapping, and death threats.

The victim was returned to her home, where she can recover from the ordeal safely and with her family.


Body Found in Trash Can in Pleasanton Identified

Ana Flores-Pineda

Ana Flores-Pineda

The May 24th trash container homicide in Pleasanton has finally seen some closure after the victim's alleged killer, Javier Pablo Sandoval was arrested early Wednesday.

The initial description of the woman found is as follows: "The coroner's office determined the woman was probably Asian or Latino with dark hair and was about 5-foot-6 and weighed about 130 pounds. She was found wearing an Old Navy shirt and pajama bottoms. She was also wearing blue fingernail polish, red toenail polish and had three ear piercings in each ear with distinctive earrings. She had no tattoos or other markings."

The body found within the trash can has been identified as 25-year-old Ana Flores-Pineda of Stockton, who was originally located by Stockton police following a missing persons report.
According to investigators, the body had been in the trash can for "a few weeks," and as such was in a state of heavy decomposition.

Ana Flores-Pineda

Pleasanton police played a major part in ascertaining the identity of the body, working alongside Stockton detectives. They forwarded Flores-Pineda's DNA to a national database and searched dental records, also releasing a forensic anthropologist's sketch and several photographs of the victim's earrings.

A sculptor was due to create a bust of the victim before Javier Pablo Sandoval was linked to the homicide by DNA evidence and arrested.

Javier Prado Sandoval

Javier Prado Sandoval

Stockton police's public information officer stated that the motive of the murder was linked to domestic violence, and that Sandoval and Flores-Pineda were in what was referred to as "some type of relationship." It is unknown if the two were dating at the time of Flores-Pineda's death.

Further details have yet to be released, as the investigation is ongoing. Sandoval has been incarcerated in the San Joaquin County Jail for the time being, pending his trial.

This marks Stockton's 61st homicide of the year, surpassing last year's record high, standing at 58.

(Source: Pleasanton Weekly, News 10, Contra Costa Times)


Gang Member Oliver Barcenas Shot by Police

Oliver BarcenasGang Member Oliver Barcenas Shot by Police - Just after 8:00p.m. on Thursday, September 20th, San Francisco plainclothes police had a hostile encounter with two armed gang members, resulting in a shootout that injured one of the gang members.

Oliver Barcenas of Richmond, 22, and one other individual were identified by the two police officers as members of a gang. When approached, Barcenas and the other individual ran. When followed, Barcenas pulled a Tec-9 automatic pistol loaded with a 25 round clip and aimed it at the officers in a threatening manner. After failing to respond to an order to drop the weapon, he was shot twice and sent to a local hospital.

The injuries received by Barcenas in this encounter were non-lethal, and he is currently making a recovery. He faces several serious charges, including: Being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a banned assault weapon, participating in a criminal street gang, and aggravated assault on an officer of the law with an assault weapon.

According to a press report on the 25th, Barcenas was on his way to avenge the killing of Jesus Solis, 20, that took place earlier that week. Barcenas was, at the time of his arrest, on parole for the wounding of a 15-year-old bystander in a gang-related shooting.

Soon after the Thursday shooting, the Mission Police Station was mobbed with protesters that taunted police and wrote "killers" on the outside of the station in response to what was likely perceived as use of excessive force. No violent conflict has broken out because of these protests.

Supervisor David Campos of the SFPD held a meeting on the 24th to discuss the recent gun violence in the Mission area, and to help listeners understand why police fired upon and injured Barcenas. Hopefully, the release of this information will assuage the concerns of the protesters.

(Sources: SF Gate, Mercury News, UT San Diego)

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Brother of Yahoo CEO Beats His Girlfriend

Mason Mayer - Woman BeaterMason Mayer (34), younger brother to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, was arrested on November 28th and charged with a trio of felonies: assault, false imprisonment, and domestic violence.

His ex-girlfriend, Kelli Ann Trent, delayed reporting these activites because he allegedly threatened to release nude pictures of her and beat her further. He claimed that he would use his family's prestige and wealth to ruin her name if she went to the police.

Trent described Mayer's history of domestic violence in court, backing her claims with post-abuse photographs taken of herself. According to her, this abuse carried on until the 24 of September, 2011, when he threatened to kill her after a beating.

Mayer allegedly ripped out her earrings, eyelashes, pulled out large clumps of hair, and slammed her head to the floor repeatedly, all while restraining and berating her. He then told her that the only way she'd leave their apartment alive was if he drove her to the Golden Gate Bridge, where he said she would jump or he would push her off.

Marissa Mayer Kelli Ann TrentA plea agreement was reached with prosecutors, and Mayer pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment and has been placed on probation for three years. This will be of use to Trent if she pursues a civil suit against Mayer in the future.

Mayer's Attorney: Martin Sabelli, graduated from Yale School of Law in 1990, and was licensed to practice law in California in 1993.

(Sources: SF Gate, Huffington Post)

Kelli Ann Trent


Smelly Rapist Strikes in San Jose

The Stinky RapistEarly Sunday, a female victim (no further information released) was sexually assaulted by an allegedly unpleasant smelling man on South Bascom Street.

Around 7:00p.m. in San Jose, August 26th, the assault took place. The perpetrator was described by the victim as a man of dark complexion, around 35 to 45 years of age. Physically, he is 5'5" or 5'7" tall, broad shouldered, unshaven with black, salt and pepper hair cut into a flat top, and a foul smell about him.

Because of his unkempt appearance and stench, it is possible that the suspect is homeless. The police have released a sketch and are now asking for information regarding his identity and/or whereabouts. Contact (408) 277-4102 to leave a tip, or (408) 947-STOP to tip anonymously. Alternatively, the website is also an option for providing information.

(Source: CBS)