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Japanese Diplomat on Trial for Domestic Violence

Yoshiaki NagayaYuka Nagawa, wife of San Fracisco Japanese Consulate official Yoshiaki Nagaya, called police on Tuesday regarding her husband's violent and abusive behavior. According to Nagaya, her husband had been systematically abusing her for 18 months, including punching, kicking, slapping, and even stabbing with a screwdriver. This behavior had allegedly been going on since January of 2011.

Yuka Nagaya says that she believes she would likely have been killed if she had not informed the police of her husband's actions. During the most recent attack, one which occurred on March 31st, she was pulled from a car, causing her head to strike against the concrete floor of a parking garage. This took place in their apartment in San Bruno.

Throughout her preliminary hearing, Nagaya produced pictures she had personally taken of the injuries she had sustained after each assault. She relayed precise, detailed descriptions of the abuse running back to the start in January 2011 when they lived in San Francisco.

The gravity of the beatings became apparent after she described several of the more brutal instances in court. Pertinent examples include attacks that left her with loose teeth, that left her unable to move for five hours, and that caused her to leave their residence and sit outside for hours on end before returning.

Nagaya was caught recording the testimony via a digital voice recorder, something Judge Lisa Novak noticed. She then reminded Nagaya that recording court proceedings is strictly forbidden unless permission is given. Nagaya revealed that she had recorded the first day of the hearing as well, and shared it with her attorney. Junju Suzuki stated that he did not tell his client to record any of the proceedings.

Yuka's testimony is to resume on Friday in the hearing that will decide whether Yoshiaki Nagaya faces trial on the 14 counts of domestic violence and three of assault. His plead thus far is not guilty to the accusations made.

(Sources: Inside Bay Area, Mercury News )


Japanese Diplomat Faces Domestic Violence Charges

Yoshiaki NagayaA  Japanese diplomat based in San Francisco has been charged with domestic violence/spousal abuse. He stands accused of:

  • Stabbing his 27 year old wife with a screwdriver
  • Pushing her from a moving car
  • Hitting her with a ceramic coffee mug
  • Knocking out one of her teeth
  • Stomping on her

The couple has been married for 18 months. The diplomat, Yoshiaki Nagaya, is a 32-year-old vice consul for the Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco.

Nagaya has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is NOT eligible for diplomatic immunity because of the severity of the allegations against him. He was charged in San Mateo Superior Court with 13 counts of felony battery with intent to cause bodily injury and three counts of assault.

The last attack, which left Nagaya's wife with cuts on her face and elbows, occurred on March 30 and led her to go to the police, according to investigators. She had photographed her injuries.

Nagaya, who was arrested in early May, for now fully retains his position as vice consul at the Japanese consulate, Deputy Consul General Michio Harada said.

Nagaya, who lives in  San Bruno, faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison if convicted on all charges. The judge in the case issued an order blocking Nagaya from directly seeing or contacting his wife, who remains in the United States.  He is free on bail.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)