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Store Clerk Who Killed Customer Found Guilty of Murder

Oakland DiscountLast Thursday in East Oakland, a corner store clerk was found guilty of second-degree murder for shooting a customer in the back of the head after the customer punched him in the face.

Adhem Abdulla, 23, had pushed the girlfriend of Willie Turner, 46, out of his Oakland Discount store after he witnessed her stealing bologna for the third time that day. Turner then approached Abdulla and allegedly punched him in the mouth. In response, Abdulla shot him in the back of the head as he was leaving the store.

Though he does not deny killing Turner, Abdulla claims that he could not recall his actions before and while shooting turner because he was furious after being struck.

His attorney claims that his rage was sparked by working in a dangerous neighborhood, and having to deal with gun violence and drug dealing regularly. Oakland Discount is located at 7645 MacArthur Blvd. This area of East Oakland is known for its frequent killings, and is located near the place where four Oakland police officers were killed in 2009. Abdulla's attorney, William DuBois, hoped that the rage argument would land his client with voluntary manslaughter and 21 years in prison.

Deputy district attorney Carrie Skolnick pointed to evidence that Abdulla had plenty of time to decide whether his actions were correct or not. He had gotten his gun out, pushed through two customers who were trying to keep him from shooting Turner, walk 25 feet from the store's entrance, and then shoot the victim in the back of the head.

Further evidence revealed that Abdulla went out of his way to make it look as though his store had been robbed. He had knocked over shelves and called 911, telling the dispatcher that he had shot a man to protect himself and his store during the robbery.

Skolnick was aiming for a first-degree murder conviction, which would mean 40 years to life for the store owner.

The jury didn't appear to accept the "crime of passion" argument, but decided on second- as opposed to first-degree murder, because the shooting wasn't planned or premeditated.


One L. Goh Unfit for Trial for Mass Murder at Oikos University of Oakland

Goh Crime SceneOne L. Goh of Oikos, the perpetrator of last year's seven fatality shooting at the Oakland University, was declared unfit for trial by an Alameda County court judge on Monday.

Goh will be held at a mental institution, likely the facility in Napa, until he is deemed competent to stand trial. He will return to court on January the 15th to determine which institution he will go to. His progress report will be reviewed every 90 days to monitor his progress.

Goh had originally pleaded innocent to the April 2nd Oakland University shooting after being charged with seven counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, and 10 special circumstance allegations which included committing murdering during a carjacking.

He had left the school voluntarily and demanded a refund of his tuition. The assault may have resulted from his attempt to kill one of the administrators who refused his request. The administrator was not present that day.

The victims of the shooting will be listed here: Tshering Bhutia, 38, shot in the carjacking, Doris Chibuko, 40, Sonam Choedon, 33, Grace Kim, 23, Kathleen Ping, 24, who worked at the school, Judith Seymour, 53, and Lydia Sim, 21.

During the initial stages of the shooting, One Goh approached and entered the school, drawing a .45 pistol and ordering several students against a wall. When they didn't comply, he shot and killed several of them. He also shot Dawinder Kaur, a 19 year old US Army Reservist, in the arm as he attempted to aid an injured student. As previously mentioned, Goh shot and killed Tshering Bhutia in an attempt to acquire a getaway vehicle. He was apprehended at the scene; police had been notified immediately after his intentions were made clear.

Goh's family didn't offer any assistance during the investigation. His 72 year old father Young Nam Ko was not available to comment, and his older brother Su Kwon Ko did not respond to any calls requesting his response.

(Source: NBC)


Gang Members Indicted in Murder of Toddler

Hiram LawrenceThree alleged Acorn gang members have been indicted by a federal grand jury for assault, weapons violations, racketeering, and murder.

Dionte Houff (32) and Houstan Nathaniel III (23) were two of the individuals connected to the attack that occurred during the filming of a rap music video.

They have been accused of firing upon a crowd of people in west Oakland, November the 28th. A toddler, Hiram Lawrence, was shot in the head and taken off life support in December.

Hiram's alleged assailant, 16 year old Frederick Coleman, is being charged as an adult in Alameda County.

Six people, including the toddler's father, were injured in the shooting.

(Source: Sacramento Bee)


7 Dead in Shooting Spree at College in Oakland

One L. Goh

One L. Goh (Courtesy Oakland Police)

On Monday, around 10:33p.m., police received a call reporting a shootout at the Oikos University of Oakland.

The perpetrator, One L. Goh, a former student at the small Christian university, entered a classroom and ordered students to line up against a wall. At this time he had a handgun drawn.

When the students didn't comply with his demand and began to run, he shot at, wounded, and killed several of them. After this, Goh killed another in an administrative office.

Dawinder Kaur, a 19 year old U.S. Army Reservist from Santa Clara, was reportedly shot in the arm by Goh after attempting to aid a student who had fallen to the floor.

A total of seven people were killed. Several but not all names have been released. 21 year old Lydia Sim and 24 year old Kathleen Ping were killed at the scene.

Immediately after hearing the first shots, student Dechan Yangzom closed and locked the nearby classroom's door and turned out all the lights. This likely saved the lives of seven other students, and her own.

In his attempt to escape, Goh killed Tshering Rinzing Bhutia, 38, and stole his car in order to drive it to a local supermarket, where he publicly announced his murdering of several students and was detained by a security officer until police arrived to arrest him.

Attempts to contact Goh's family have failed thus far. 72 year old Young Nam Ko, Goh's father, was not available for comment, and his older brother, Su Kwon Ko, did not respond to the call requesting his reponse to the event.


Walnut Creek Nordstrom Robbed, One Suspect Captured

Bryan Black

Two Good Samaritans ran down one of three robbers who allegedly tried to steal over $10,000 worth of high-end goods from Nordstrom in Walnut Creek on the third of December, 2011.

Officers went to 1200 Broadway Plaza after several calls were placed to 911 reporting a robbery and possible suspects running out of Nordstrom at around 8:30 p.m., according to Walnut Creek police.

Witnesses told arriving officers that a male and female suspect, the male identified as Bryan Black of Oakland, age 42, had entered the store and proceeded to grab armloads of purses and handbags.

After the security sensor alarms were activated, the two suspects began to push customers out of the way in their attempt to escape the Nordstrom store.

One customer tried to grab the male suspect’s arm and was sprayed with pepper spray.
While running towards the alleged escape vehicle, Black was tackled by a second customer, who he attempted to pepper spray. Despite this, the man was able to restrain Black after striking him several times in self defense until security and police arrived to take the suspect into custody.

The female accomplice managed to escape to the getaway car, a beige Ford Fusion with paper license plates, driven by a third accomplice. Neither of these suspects have been identified as of yet.

Black was arrested for robbery, burglary, assault, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools, and violating parole. He was then sent to Martinez County Jail after being treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

Two of the customers who had assisted in the apprehension of the suspect were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

The handbags, worth around $10,000, were returned to Nordstrom.

(Sources: CBSClaycord)


Oakland Man Arrested in San Leandro Walmart Black Friday Shooting

tony phillips walmart shooting suspectAn Oakland man was arrested for the attempted murder of a man outside of the San Leandro Walmart during the early morning hours of Black Friday.

The victim was leaving the store with his family when a group of at least four people in the parking lot demanded his purchases. A struggle ensued and the victim, a man in his 20s,  was shot once. He suffered major injuries but is in stable condition at an East Bay hospital. He received emergency surgery and is expected to survive, according to police.

Most of the suspects escaped the scene in a vehicle, however the victim's family and friends detained one man by holding him down until officers arrived.
The captured suspect, Tony Phillips, 20, was  arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide and attempted robbery. He is being held without bail at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. His arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday at the Hayward Hall of Justice.

(Source: KTVU)


Tracy Uncle Credit Union Robbers Arrested

Cameron Jaclecus Shephard

Cameron Jaclecus Shephard

Two men have been arrested for last month's armed robbery of the Uncle Credit Union in Tracy. According to the Tracy Police Department both men are Oakland residents and have warrants in other counties.

Police allege that both men walked into the Uncle Credit Union, at 1960 Grant Line Road, on Sept. 2 brandishing a handgun and an automatic weapon and demanding cash. They left with an undisclosed amount of money.

The two men, Jarvis Johnson, 29, and Cameron Jaclecus Shephard, 31, are in custody at the San Joaquin County Jail. The pair could face felony robbery charges.

Johnson was arrested in Stockton last week with the help of the Stockton Police Department, while Shephard was arrested Thursday in San Leandro with the assistance of the U.S. Marshal's Service, Tracy police said.

Johnson also has a warrant from the Oakland Police Department on suspicion of being a felon carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle. He is being held on a $190,000 bond.
Shephard has warrants on suspicion of felony robbery from the Solano County Sheriff's Department and from the Davis and Pinole police departments. He is being held without bail.

(Source: Recordnet)