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Arrest Made in 2002 Ranch Solano Murder

Dorothy Marie YorkFAIRFIELD — Fairfield police arrested a 33-year Dorothy York near her home in Sacramento Friday afternoon.  A Solano County grand jury indictment revived the murder case against York, who allegedly shot and killed 67-year-old George Ferdinand Dawkins in his Rancho Solano home in 2002. Police took York to the Solano County jail, where she is being held without bail.

In 2003, murder charges against Dorothy Marie York were dropped after Solano County prosecutors conceded police had violated York's Miranda rights, making a statement she made to Fairfield officers useless at trial. Without that statement there was not enough evidence to convict York.

This week, behind closed doors, prosecutors made their case a second time against York, using the testimony of several Fairfield police officers describing events nearly a decade old.

York is once again accused of shooting 67-year-old  in his Rancho Solano home on the night of Sept. 29, 2002.


(Source: Daily Republic)