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Pablo Sandoval Sexual Assault

The sexual assault investigation revolving around the San Francisco Giants’ third baseman, Pablo Sandoval, began after a call to 9/11 from the Seaside Beach Resort in Aptos.

Allegedly, the 21 year old victim and Sandoval had met with a group of people in Santa Cruz, and the incident occurred after their arrival at the resort. She then filed a sexual assault complaint and alerted the authorities.

Pablo SandovalSandoval met the detectives at the Sheriff’s Department, where his lawyer, Eric Geffon, claimed that the incident was little more than a "consensual, personal relationship of a sexual nature."

Sandoval has continued to offer his full cooperation with the Sheriff’s Department throughout the course of the ongoing investigation. The Department stated Monday that it hopes to complete the prime of the investigation by the end of the week, though forensic evidence analysis will take longer than a week to complete.

As of yet, there has been no statement from the alleged victim of the Pablo Sandoval Sexual Assault.

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