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Suspect Arrested in Sierra Lamar Disappearance

Antolin Garcia-TorresOn May 21st, 21 year old Antolin Garcia-Torres was arrested in connected with the disappearance of  Morgan Hill teenager, Sierra Lamar, age 15.

Lamar had missed the bus, on her way to school on March the 16th. Two days later, her bag was found with her clothes folded inside. DNA evidence collected from clothes, along with additional evidence collected from Garcia-Torres's red Volkswagen Jetta, linked him to her disappearance. On March 28th, Garcia-Torres was identified as a suspect and placed under 24-hour surveillance.

No physical evidence beyond DNA evidence has been discovered as of yet, specifically a murder weapon, or Sierra's body.  Garcia-Torres is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, which investigators are hoping will provide further information on the case.

(Source: LA Times)